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You’ve finally done it. You’ve found yourself a great girl, and you have decided to become an official couple. But figuring out how to keep a girlfriend once you have one can be a little problematic, especially if you haven’t been in a serious relationship. Just as quickly as you got together, she could decide that she wants to see other people, and you’re left sleeping alone. Sounds like a bad time, right? Well, to avoid that scenario, take a look at this list of ideas that will help you hang on to your special lady.

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Be Attentive. You love your new girl, right? Telling her how much you care about her is one thing, but you need to demonstrate it. One of the most important ways to show your girlfriend that you love her is simply by choosing to spend your leisure time with her doing things that she likes. Hanging out with your guy friends can be a blast, too, but if you blow off your girlfriend in favor of a boys’ night out, she’s going to get the impression that you don’t think she’s fun to be with. Or worse, that you just want her for sex. Do fun things with her, and listen to her to find out what kinds of things she likes. Surprise her by taking her somewhere you know she likes no matter how much you may dislike it.

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Compromise. Events both great and small require compromise when it comes to relationships. You may want to watch four hours of “Cops” on TV, but you know your girl is dying to watch “Millionaire Bridal Orange County Takeover“. You could go all caveman and dictate the viewing, or you could watch what she wants once in a while. Small compromises like that can be just as important as big compromises when it comes to the health of a relationship and keeping your girlfriend. And what about those big compromises? When two people have opposing opinions on where to go for vacation or family problems, shouting matches can erupt. Keep things civil, try to understand her point of view while stating your own, and always try to find the middle ground.

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Surprises Let Her Know You Care. If you came home from work and your girlfriend had cooked your favorite meal, picked up your favorite imported beer, and cleared her schedule for some intimate romance, wouldn’t you be happy? Well, so would she, smart guy! If you’re at home and she’s at work, draw her a nice warm bath with scented beads and flowers, pour her some wine, and light some candles. Or surprise her with an impromptu weekend getaway to some bed and breakfast. Your surprises can be grand, or they can be simple, but either way those gestures will let her know how important she is to you. Plus, she may go ahead and return the favor someday.


Communicate. We men can sometimes be a little lax when it comes to communicating. So many guys grew up with the notion that they have to be rough, hard, and stoic. That is truly a load of crap, and it’s a lousy way to cultivate a healthy, lasting relationship. If your girl wants to talk, then talk. Talk about anything, talk about nothing, but just talk to her. And more important, listen to her. She’s going to have a lot to say, so indulge her and make sure you reciprocate.