Richard Butler was going to propose to his girlfriend atop a scenic, North Carolina mountaintop. He planned a hike for the two of them, secreted a ring away in his pocket, and started walking up the hill where he planned to make her his bride. Unfortunately, there was a lightning storm during their hike. 

The Independent reports Butler’s description of the events:

"She didn’t say anything, and I turned around and she was laying a few feet away, and I crawled to her…I did CPR for probably 15 minutes and the whole time was trying her cell phone, but I couldn’t get anything out…I was spun 180 degrees and thrown several feet back…My legs turned to Jello, my shoes were smoking and the bottom of my feet felt like they were on fire."

There’s certainly less morbid ways to find out about potential marital problems, but our sympathies go out to all those affected.