Age presents an annoying paradox for most of us men. Early in life, we literally cannot wait to grow up and get our first paycheck, drive, go to war, buy porn, and of course, legally consume alcohol. It is a terrific feeling when the bartender asks for your ID and you calmly, proudly present it, proclaiming Yes! you do indeed belong here. Then, of course, the request for your driver’s license becomes annoying, as if the waitress cannot tell your 27. However, eventually the staff just accepts you are old, and now you are annoyed they don’t ask. Suddenly, all that desire to age quickly vanishes and remember high school football games and life without responsibility. Don’t give up, though. While we don’t recommend ditching responsibility, you can make it seem like you don’t have so much.

Ditch the gray 

Your hair is terrible at protecting the secret of your age. Although it is not always an accurate indication, graying hair looks old. If you are not ready for the “experienced” appearance, consider adding a little color back in your life. Caution – don’t over compensate. Going from white to jet black may make you seem younger to strangers, but ridiculous to all your friends and co-workers.

Embrace the bald

Sticking with the hair, what to do with your balding spot? To cover up the hair loss, go ahead and remove the rest. Men of all ages rock a shaved head; and that is exactly what you are going for, an indiscriminate age. You may even gain confidence due to your new hair freedom.


It was a milestone the first time you shaved your face, but now it just a daily chore. Tempting to ignore it, and sport a beard, however, moves you in the wrong direction on the age spectrum. A smooth face reminds us of youth. The same goes for a smooth body. If you want to fit in with spring breakers in Cancun, remove or trim any body hair that would otherwise be on display at the beach.

Hit the gym 

As long as you are planning on going shirtless, work on your droopy appearance as well. As we age, our muscles naturally deteriorate, often creating loose skin and body mass. A workout routine that fights this process will keep you in your 28-year old body well beyond your 35th birthday. Also, you’ll have the energy of a youngster, so you can keep up with the co-eds in friendly beach football game.

Lose the librarian 

Observers often relate glasses with intelligence, but when you pull out your readers to check a menu, your age is revealed as well. Unless they are part of your young, west-coast, hipster look, leave your glasses at home in favor of contacts. If you only need readers, pick up a pair of bifocal contact lens. Your date will never know.

Wardrobe update 

You might not understand how younger generations believe their attire is acceptable (we’re not saying we do either) but you can learn some things from them. Without draping yourself in Affliction, there are tricks for building a younger wardrobe. Consider the length of your shorts and pants – they both could probably be longer. You have the money, so pick up a few new items that still reflect your style, but also 2009. Don’t let your age dictate your clothing.

Relax, get a massage 

Joanna Czech, esthetician to the stars, touts massage as not only a terrific method of relaxation, but also a powerful anti-aging tool. Massage works blood through your body, aiding the delivery of nutrients and thus keeps your skin firm and healthy looking. As if you needed another reason for a massage.

Watch your diet 

You’ve all heard, “You are what you eat.” In this case, you are as old as you eat. Consuming foods that reduce inflammation and free radicals can slow the aging process. White seafood and green veggies are great, along with foods high in antioxidants. Also, simple carbohydrates cause you to retain water, leaving you bloated not toned. Avoid them and avoid baggy eyes.

Beware of the sun 

To understand the power of the sun, compare a handful of grapes to a cup of raisins. You don’t want to be the raisin. The sun will cause your skin to appear older via wrinkles, brown spots and more. Protect yourself with sunscreen that keeps out UV rays and fills your skin with antioxidants. It’s not too late to buy into this, either. Over time, keeping the sun out will allow your skin to return to the smoothness of its youth.

Kick your bad habits 

Two things your body needs, sleep and clean air. Playing poker all night online will not only drain your wallet, but also skins ability to recover. Your mind is not the only organ that needs to rest. Smoking a pack a day is even worse. Not only will it kill you, but smoking speeds your skins aging process, creating deep wrinkles and discoloration. Old habits die hard, but consider the reward – younger looking skin leading to younger looking girlfriends.