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Maybe it’s for a job interview, an important business meeting or because you just want to look good. You have made a decision to put on the one suit you own and dress to impress. But you don’t own an expensive suit; the one you bought two years ago came cheap. Those circumstances don’t change your goal. You want to look good and you want your cheap suit to look like a million bucks. You can do that by caring for your suit the proper way and accessorizing correctly.

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Neckties — The first thing you must do is dress up your suit with a great necktie. This is not an easy proposition. If you have a basic black or blue suit, you may want to use a brighter colored tie will give your suit more life. Make sure you are using a tie made out of silk and not cotton, linen or the dreaded polyester. Simply put, silk ties always look better than any of the other material. As a rule of thumb, avoid polyester ties as they look especially dull. Silk ties retain their shape and color and can help your cheap suit look like a million bucks.

Dress Shirts — You need to have the proper shirt if you want your cheap suit to look like a million bucks. If you are dressing to get a job, impress a business contact, or you simply want to look your best, you need to have the right shirt. You can wear a cotton shirt, a polyester shirt or a blend of the two. A cotton shirt is light, breathable and will look great when you first put it on. However, it wrinkles easily and it is difficult to press if you are going to iron it yourself. If not you are going to have it pressed professionally. That’s a time consuming and expensive proposition. Polyester shirts will hold their shapes but won’t look as good and are heavier and will probably make you perspire. A mix of cotton and polyester will give you the best attributes of both materials.

Shoes — Never go anywhere in cheap shoes when you are wearing a suit and want to look your best. Nothing will ruin your look quicker than dirty, scuffed and cheap shoes. Black shoes will go with just about any color suit you have. If your shoes are brown or burgundy, you can wear them with any other color besides a black suit. Keep your shoes shined and polished. Use shoe trees to help your dress shoes maintain their shape. If you want to look like a million bucks even though you have a cheap suit, get the right shoes.

Suit Care — Whether your suit was custom made or bought off-the-rack at a second-hand store, you have to take excellent care of it if you want it to last and look nice. Keep your suit in a zipped and strong plastic suit bag when you are not wearing it to keep it protected from moths. These irritating insects will chew holes in your suit and nothing’s worse than discovering you went to a job interview with holes in your suit. Find a tailor to make alterations in your suit. You are not likely to stay the same shape over that time and it’s important to find a good tailor who can alter your suit. You must also dry clean you suit if you want it to last. There are some suits that can be thrown in the washing machine but these suits will fall apart and are usually not worth owning.