chocolate martini

All guys know that alcohol is a surefire way to get your girl to let loose of her inhibitions. Smart guys know that serving canned beer and shots don’t impress the ladies. So what’s a guy to do when trying to enhance a romantic date with spirits and libations? Chocolate Martinis! Three things chicks can’t resist are chocolate and fancy cocktails. So what’s the third? After a couple of these—you!

Here’s what you need to make a delicious chocolate Martini:

  • Chilled Martini glasses
  • Metal cocktail shaker
  • Cocktail strainer
  • Ice
  • Sharp paring knife
  • 1-1/2 shots Godiva Chocolate Liqueur
  • 1-1/2 shots Creme De Cacao
  • ½ shot vodka
  • 2-1/2 shots half & half
  • Chocolate syrup
  • Whip cream
  • Chocolate bar

Mixing chocolate Martinis is so simple that you can master the technique on your first try. If you put a little extra time into the presentation, your cocktail will look as great as it tastes and really impress your date.

Fill your shaker with ice – You can use crushed ice of ice cubes. It doesn’t matter because you’ll be straining it out later anyway.

Measure your ingredients – Use a standard sized shot glass to measure your vodka, Godiva Chocolate Liqueur, Creme De Cacao and half & half. Pour them all into the shaker.

Shake it baby – Cover your cocktail shaker and vigorously shake to blend all that chocolaty, romantic goodness! When a thin layer of frost develops on the outside of the shaker, you’re ready to roll.

Prepare the glass – Take small plate or saucer and cover the center with chocolate syrup. Take a chilled Martini glass and place it upside-down into the chocolate syrup. Spin it around a bit to make sure that the entire glass is rimmed in chocolate. Stand the glass upright and let the chocolate ooze down the interior of the glass.

Fill ‘er up – Place a cocktail strainer over your shaker and pour your cocktail into the chilled and chocolate rimmed glass. Fill it to about ¼ inch of the rim as not to spill a single drop of this magical love potion.

Garnish to perfection – Here is where you score extra points for artistic creativity. Slowly spray a small island of whipped cream over the cocktail so it floats over the center of the drink. Now use your paring knife to shave tiny shards of chocolate candy over the whip cream.

You’ve just created a Chocolate Martini that puts professional bartenders to shame and your special lady friend will love it. Enjoy a few of these together and then use your imagination to figure out what to do with all that leftover chocolate syrup and whipped cream. *Wink*.