girl chases boy

It’s not as hard as it seems, getting a girl to chase you. Learning how to make a girl chase you for a change is comparable to a chess game. In this chess game, you know how your opponent will react to your every move. You also know that this opponent has a relatively impregnable defense. The only way to beat this opponent is to use a strategy she isn’t use to seeing. Interested yet? Yeah, you know you are. It’s time to learn how to make a girl chase you for a while.

Know your opponent. When it comes to men’s approaches, women have pretty much heard them all. From the showering of superficial compliments, to the dramatic displays of bravado, women have viewed and laughed at guys failed attempts to gain favor. Gentlemen, you need to step your respective games up. Be Kobe Bryant in the fourth quarter, not Lebron James. You have to hit her, initially, with something she’s not used to. So,if she’s a hottie and get’s all the attention, treat her like she’s average. If she’s the girl that usually plays the background, be her biggest fan. The point is to separate yourself from the rest of the fools that use general tactics at approaching women. You  will use person specific tactics to get you in the door. Pay attention so you can choose the proper way to come at her.

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The offensive plays. You have to attack to win. But again, a full out offensive is not the best way. If you want this chick too chase you, you have to give her something to chase. Don’t saturate her with kindness. But do show you can be that cool, sweet, romantic guy. Don’t blow a boat load of money on her, but show that you’re not cheap. Don’t party with her all the time, but show you can get down with the rest of them. Give her glimpses of the great person you are to get her interested.

The defense. Here’s where it gets complicated. Women compartmentalize guys in three boxes. Guys they won’t date. Guys that’ll just be friends, and guys that are dating material. The only difference between guy friends and guys they’ll date is the level of accessibility they have with the two. The guy that’s always around, always in her face, is going to end up as a friend. The man that limits his time with her, but always has her back, the guy that creates a certain level of mystery is the man that’ll be dating material. And not just dating material, he’ll be the dude she goes after. Sit back and let it marinate for a minute. If you want a girl to chase you, give her something to miss. If you’re always there, then there’s no reason to chase. If, however, she knows that you’re this awesome guy, but you’re just out of her reach, she’ll want you even more. Don’t believe it? People want what they think they can’t have. Remember that hot chick in high school that wouldn’t pay attention to you? You wanted her because she remained just out of your reach.

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Check mate. In order to make sure she puts on her track shoes and does the 100 yard dash, seal the deal. After you’ve generated the necessary interest with her, you have to spend some time with her. Make that time as adventurous and out of the ordinary as possible. Expose her to new things. Let her get to know just a little bit more about you, while finding out as much about her as you can. If you play your cards right, and you like this girl, you guys can end up together.