Smoked ice adds flavor to cocktails, such as barbecued lemonade. How do you make smoked ice? Josh Perry, mixologist at Pecan in San Francisco, told us he didn’t think it was possible. “When I first tried doing this and it was brought to my attention I was like, ‘That can’t be done.’” Perry says, adding a mischievous, “Yeah, it can.”

How to make smoked ice:

Cook time:
3 hours

1 block of ice
Wood chips of desired flavor

Perforated pan
Un-perforated pan

1. Set a football-sized block of ice in a perforated pan above another, un-perforated pan inside the smoker.

How do you get a football-sized chunk if ice? Freeze water in a large plastic milk carton, then tear the carton open and extract the ice.

2. The fire should be a cold smoke, which means you limit your airflow into the fire.

3. Add flavored wood chips to the smoker. For example, apple wood chips bring out sweeter, citrus, fruit flavors. Hickory brings out chocolate and vanilla flavors. Experiment.

4. Ice should melt in three hours as smoke particles adhere to the ice and water. Melted ice will become smoke-infused water in the bottom pan.

5. Freeze the smoke-infused water.

6. Serve with cocktails at your next BBQ.


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