Breaking news: body grooming is a two-way street, and while girls were following the guidelines for years, some men have been blatantly ignoring them. You should be ticketed and fined, due to the fact that what women desire to undergo the jungle to get to the stalk? Not me.

Matters do appear to be changing, though. According to Made Man’s recent Guyde survey, 68 percent of you all manscape, and 95 percent of that group do so in their manliest region. If your lady complains about your mane, or it gets caught in your zipper, it’s time to join the herd. Fortunately, as a Master Barber and spokesperson for King of Shaves, I will help. Here’s how to police your nether regions.

  1. Acquire your supplies. These encompass electric hairclippers, baby powder, a King of Shaves Azor or other quality razor, King of Shaves AlphaOil Natural or other quality clear shavingoil, alcohol-free aftershave cream and a full-length mirror.
  2. Wash and dry the area to be shaven, then lightly dust with baby powder.
  3. Use electric clippers to remove most of the hair’s length.Clip slowly and punctiliously. It’s less complicated to shave more later than it is to put the hair back. Don’t fear too much, though. It isn’t as terrible as a terrible haircut, as not many other human beings are going to see it. (Well, assuming you’re not a streaker.)
  4. Stand in front of a full-length mirror and mentally establish the top outline you would like.Using the clippers, make a line about one inch above the top of the crease formed by the leg and groin intersection. Repeat this step at the pinnacle of the legs along the downward slope in the direction of the testicles, creating a one-inch border of closely trimmed hair in the shape of a triangle.
  5. Sculpt the triangle of pubic hair.Trim all the long hairs sticking up above the border with an electric clipper, leaving the hair at a shorter, extra manageable length.
  6. Dust the to-be-shaven area with baby powder and apply warm water to moisten the pores of the skin.Do nottry to shave this place dry! Then apply a couple drops of shaving oil to add lubrication and an additional shielding layer between your skin and the blade. Clear shaving oil permits you to see exactly where you’re shaving, perfect for avoiding problem regions.
  7. Using your razor, shave withthe direction of hair growth.Always remember to rinse the blade between strokes to prevent clogging. After you get the hang of it, you might also want to shave the shaft. Use the identical method as for the borders, trimming the hair down first before shaving, stretching the shaft tight as you shave, and shaving with the grain to avoid cuts and infection. You’re essentially sticking to the same principals of a face shave; the stakes are just a little higher.
  8. Use soothing cream to prevent itchiness and inflammation. Then call your woman and tell her to clear her schedule. After all, you are streamlined and equipped for action…