The NFL lockout has ended, and NFL training camps and free agency have kicked off. Donovan McNabb, Reggie Bush, Kevin Kolb, Chad Ochocinco, Matt Hasselbeck and Albert Haynesworth have all landed on new teams. But the players aren’t the only ones getting ready for the NFL season. DirecTV spokesman Robert Mercer says the satellite company is starting to get more phone calls and website visits from fans interested in the company’s popular NFL SUNDAY TICKET.

As a public service, we will provide the NFL SUNDAY TICKET link for you here. The cost of the package is $334.95 total or, as DIRECTV likes to point out so it looks less expensive, $66.99 per month for five  months.

For our money, there is no better way to watch the games on Sunday, which is why we are giving DIRECTV what amounts to free advertising. It’s a good service and we support it. Or maybe we are just really psyched that we don’t have to hear the phrase “collective bargaining agreement” during every other SportsCenter update.