New York City is one of the most expensive cities in America. Its streets are filled with some of the most affluent business mavens in the world and it’s hard to keep up. But there’s such good beer! And that’s where Gisele lives! Don’t freak out, non-rich dude… you can still enjoy the hot girls and great drinks New York has to offer.  Here’s a secret — rich people in NYC get a lot of stuff for free. And if you can tap into their network of free… Well, you’ll be able to Party in NYC for Free. 

Befriend a Publicist

A publicist’s job in New York is incredibly diverse. Yes, they have to serve as a traditional liaison between a client and the media. But in a media saturated city like New York, publicists have been forced to get creative.

So whenever a new product, magazine, TV show or any other "buzz worthy" launch occurs or whenever a big name client wants to celebrate something, a publicist is called in to throw a swanky, liquor-soaked party that is free to its guests.

These parties are "VIP Only" and not open to the general public. But if you know the publicist, you’ll be added to her (they’re all women) list of people to invite. You see, publicists keep a list of "important" people handy to invite to all their free parties because her biggest fear is an empty event. When you befriend a publicist and consistently show up to her media-centric events, you’re not leeching off her. You’re helping give her peace of mind that the event will be packed and fun for her clients.

So how do you get in with a publicist? The easiest way to find and befriend a publicist is to throw a rock in the middle of the street. You’re bound to hit a publicist. The city is crawling with them and if you go a month without meeting one in a casual social setting, you’re not doing it right.

But even if you somehow have failed to befriend a publicist through your friends and neighbors, there are other ways.  A good way to start is to keep your ears and eyes open for smaller, less "VIP Only" events, such as a low key cocktail hour for a new author or a free movie screening.

Head to one of these events and bring some friends. Then locate the girls with the clipboards–those are the junior publicists and publicist’s assistants. Strike up a conversation when the time’s appropriate and charm your way onto her email list.

A publicist is the most fun and guilt-free avenue to the free New York party. But you’re going to need to broaden your wheel house, buddy.

Befriend a Bouncer

A bouncer in most cities is a meat-headed thug who wishes he could do security. In NYC, bouncers are an integral part of the social network.

Bouncers and their skinny cousins Door men are the literal gate keepers in New York’s walled off city of nightlife. They are a tough nut to crack because they’re paid to be big and scary and mean.

But if you can get on a bouncer’s good side, you’ll be beyond set for your free partying needs.

The best approach for befriending a bouncer is to find one in a relatively low key setting. The guy standing guard outside Butter on Saturday night won’t be your friend. But the dude checking IDs outside an Irish pub on a Wednesday? Keep him company for an hour and you’ve got a friend for life.

Befriending this lower wrung bouncer is key — all bouncers know each other and, when possible, hook each other up. So when Mr. Wednesday Night invites you to go clubbing on Saturday, do not hesitate to come along.

You’re about to have a comped, VIP-like experience. And with Mr. Wednesday Night as your guide, you’ll be able to get in with Mr. Saturday Night. Rinse, wash and repeat and all of a sudden you’re in with the city’s network of bouncers.

Congrats, but be careful… If you make trouble or embarrass one of these guys on the job in any way, they will not hesitate to literally kick your ass to the curb.

Befriend a Bar Tender

In most cities, a bar tender is a somewhat skilled mixologist who fixes you a drink and gladly takes your tip.

In NYC, bar tenders are like mini celebrities — the high end ones have followings and are made and broken on their reputation and ability to draw a consistent and high-paying crowd.

So there’s a really easy way for you to be on the bar tender’s consistent comp list — bring lots of friends each time you hit the bar. If you’re already relatively friendly with the bar tender, make sure he knows you’re consistently bringing people who will, in turn, bring more people.

In this scenario, you’re no longer mere patron. You’re like a mini club promoter who works for free drinks. The bar tender is also an insanely great friend to have for picking up chicks at a bar–who can set you up better than the bar tender himself?

Email Lists Are Your Friend

If all else fails and you’re still craving your free party fix, sign up for lots of promotional email lists. Most major clubs will promote an under-RSVP’d publicity event and lots of the Irish bars in the city have weekly contests and drawings to win an open bar.

With the economy in the tanker (and philosophy that if they have one drink for free they’ll pay for two more), there’s a wide spectrum of free parties in NYC right now. They provide the liquor, you bring your liver and a smile.