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’Tis the season of music fests. There’s something for everyone, from country to electronica to jazz and more. And while festivals can be a lot of fun, listening to deafening music in what’s likely to be a remote field for days on end can also be quite taxing. Perhaps even more draining: the road trip there and back. Because you’re probably going to make some rather regrettable decisions, let us tell you how to also make a few wise ones with regard to your person and your ride…

1. Protect yourself from the elements.
Here’s an idea: Look up the weather before you get there. If you’re promised sun, be sure to remember specs to shield your eyes, a hat to offer you some much-needed shade and sunscreen to protect your exposed skin. If you’re anticipating dark skies, pack a poncho for respite from the rain. And because you’ll probably be on your feet all day and night—no, you’ll probably be dancing and/or jumping on your feet all day and night—make sure you don comfortable, logical shoes.

2. Stay hydrated.
Rocking out for a weekend requires serious energy. And to sustain it, you need hydration. If you plan on consuming alcohol, you should consider drinking water in between those beers, too. That said, water bottles will probably be rather pricy on site. Save the money you’d prefer to spend on that overpriced band T-shirt and pack your own.

3. Wear earplugs.
Veteran festivalgoers know to bring earplugs. You can wear them during the day to enjoy the still-loud music without losing your hearing well before your time, and also at night when you decide you actually do want to catch some Zs. You’ll be thankful in the days after the festival, when your ears don’t ring quite as badly.

4. Designate a meeting spot.
Cell reception at music festivals is unsurprisingly spotty—loads of humans with loads of technology congregate in one massive outdoor space where reception probably lacked in the first place. If your tent or car is a bit of a hike from the stages you’ll be frequenting, designate one very clear spot where, if all else fails, you can hope to find your friends later.

5. Pack foods that won’t rot in your car.
You might be short on cooler space with all the water you’re responsibly packing. Canned and dried foods are ideal for camping out at music festivals since they can sit out in the sun, still be edible and won’t stink up your car by the end of your road trip.

6. Bring reusable containers that won’t clutter your car.
Consider bringing along refillable bottles and reusable Tupperware to store your drinks and food. When you stop at a rest stop to grab a bite on your way to the shows, ask them to fill your container instead. You’ll save yourself the mess of paper and plastic garbage all over the floor of your car, which you really won’t feel like cleaning up after you’re exhausted from driving and dancing so much.

7. Dump your dirty clothes and shoes in a sealed laundry bag.
You’ll probably want to pack pretty lightly for a festival weekend, but bring a few changes of clean clothes so, when you’re en route home, you can dump your dirty stuff in a travel laundry bag that will mask unpleasant odors. Plus, you don’t want your dusty or sandy shoes kicking dirt into your ride.

OK, we’ll be real: No matter what you do, your car is bound to get at least a little beat up. Even if your food doesn’t reek by the end of the festival, you probably will. Even if you bring along reusable containers, can anyone really eat or drink while driving without spilling? And even if you change into clean clothes, you can’t avoid grime when you’re camping out for days on end. With theses tips, you’ll be as tidy as possible, but check out the video below for more on how Turtle Wax can help you re-dignify your ride post-fest…