Shaving your private area is often referred to as “manscaping”. This might seem like it would be difficult to do without castrating yourself, but if you’re careful and use the right techniques, your entire groin area will be smooth in no time. Before you take the plunge and go for bare, make sure you consult with the woman in your life. Some women have very specific preferences on what their man looks like down there. After all, you’re probably shaving your private area in the first place to impress or please a lady.


Use the razor a few times on your face. Do not try to use a fresh razor with brand new blades. This is one way to risk castrating yourself while shaving your private areas. You want to get the blades in the razor just a little dulled. The only way to accomplish this is by using it to shave. But be careful. Only use the razor a few times because a razor that’s too dull can leave your private area itchy, red and irritated.


Purchase some women’s shaving products. This includes female shaving gel. The gel is a good product to use because it’s nice and thick and will stay put on your private area. Because it’s there to protect your skin, the shaving gel will also help keep you from castrating yourself in the process. Try to find something unscented. You want to shave like a lady, not smell like one.

shaving cream.jpg

Lather up. Once you have your gear ready, wet the skin around your private area just a little with warm water. Use a generous amount of shaving gel and rub it into the area you’re shaving gently. It should start to lather. Spread the gel evenly across your private area.


Assume the position and get shaving. To get underneath your private areas, try placing your leg on the edge of the sink or toilet. Lift your genitals carefully to get them out of the way and to avoid castrating yourself. Shave slowly and carefully. Rinse the razor often and add more shaving gel as necessary. This will help keep your private areas safe during the entire shaving process. When you think you’re finished, rinse your skin and inspect the area. Don’t shave off any stray hairs without first adding more shaving gel. Remember, it’s safety first when it comes to shaving your private areas.