There’s no shortage of things you can do to show a lady you care, but here’s one you may not have considered — shaving her legs. Not only do you spare her the effort, but you gain an appreciation for her loveliness and what she takes to maintain it. It also cranks the sexual tension up a notch or three. Everybody wins! The only catch? You’ve gotta do it properly, so that she ends up smooth and silky rather than scraped and scratched. Which is why we went to an expert. Here, Diane Wood, master barber and spokesperson for King of Shaves (and the one doing the shaving in the above photo), shares her secrets of leg-shaving success in 30 minutes or less. 

1. Set the mood
Dim the lights, get her to don her sauciest underwear, light candles, put some romantic music on and have a bottle of wine close by to refill her glass as she relaxes and leaves her sexy stems in your hands. Have her sit somewhere she is stable, without a slick surface, especially if you shave her legs right after she gets out of the shower. If you find the edge of the tub to be a little too slippery for comfort, place a bath towel over the toilet for her to sit upon, or place one on the floor so she can lie there.

2. Lubricate the shaving surface
Only apply the shaving gel to the part of the leg you’re shaving at the time. I recommend Queen of… Ta-da! Shaving Gel [Editor’s note: this is a King of Shaves product] as the low-foam formula allows you to see exactly where you are shaving. Take some time to massage the shaving gel into her legs. She will really enjoy it while the shaving gel does its work

3. Go north, young man
Start shaving at the ankles and shave upwards (against the grain). From the bottom of the ankle gently glide the blades up the leg, in one smooth stroke. Take extra care when shaving areas where bone is close to the skin surface, such as ankles and knees. To avoid nicks and cuts that often occur behind the ankle, have her flex her heel to stretch the skin while you shave. Remember when shaving: don’t press too hard — let the blade do the work.

4. Be gentle
Be very careful when shaving your partner’s legs and pay special attention around the kneecap. As long as you use a sharp and clean blade, it will leave her luscious limbs feeling smooth, no matter the direction you decide to shave in. The only exception is the knee itself (if it needs to be shaved at all). A razor easily catches on the natural wrinkles around the kneecap. Have her bend her knees and shave from the center of the kneecap out to the sides to avoid nicking her.

5. Let her direct you
Listen to what she says to you throughout the shave. If she says "stop" then you should stop. If she’s not comfortable with it, it won’t be enjoyable for her. Try not to think about this as being an enjoyable experience for you; that comes later. Right now just concentrate on her enjoying it. Make sure that she is the star of this show.

6. Go further…up
Speaking of listening, make sure to have her permission before entering the bikini zone. If she’s comfortable with it, follow these directions. If hair is longer than 1/8th of an inch, use electric clippers to remove most of the hair’s length first. Always shave this area "with the grain" and never "against the grain"! Shaving the bikini line against the grain leads to ingrown hairs and shaving irritation. If the hair grows downward, shave downward — never upward! If you want a closer shave after shaving with the grain, try shaving across the grain for a super smooth shave.

7. Cool off
After you have finished shaving both her legs, rinse with cool water to soothe the skin, close the pores, and reduce the chances of irritation. We wouldn’t like a razor rash, would we? Dry her off by patting down (without rubbing) her legs with a soft towel. Then pour her a little more wine, and be prepared for a night of undying affection. Who knows, you may just end up canceling your dinner plans…