Your resume is packed with wonderful accomplishments and skills, but your achievements may be lacking unless you successfully start a flash mob. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, a flash mob is basically a group of people who gather at a specified time and place to do a specified thing. They can dance in the streets, sing in the supermarket, or dress up like birds and run around cawking through the park. You get the idea. Although part of the fun is the seemingly randomness of it all, the best flash mobs happen with a bit of planning. Check out these tips on how to start a flash mob.


Figure out what you want to do. The first step is probably the toughest. You want your flash mob to be cool, creative and as original as possible. That means having folks dressed as zombies and dancing to “Thriller” is out. So are serenades to cabbage in the grocery store and other ideas you’ve seen and heard about already.  Put on your thinking cap and come up with something original, a task probably best done when you’re sober.


Figure out why you want to do it. Your original idea can get a boost if you decide why you want to start a flash mob in the first place. For fun? For revenge? For fun revenge? Bingo! For fun revenge on an ex-girlfriend, you can try setting up a crowd of people dressed in lingerie with signs and screaming, “We love Benny!”” and “You don’t know what you’re missing, toots!” You get the idea. You also get that something like that would only work if your name is, in fact, Benny.


Figure out when and where you’re doing it. Set the time and place. The fun revenge flash mob on the ex-girlfriend, for instance, can be highly effective during her lunch hour at her office cafeteria window. Pick a public place so the mob has the full effect (and an easy escape route), but not a place you may get arrested. That’s why you should flash mob outside the ex’s office window versus in the actual office building.


Invite people. “Mob” is a key word in the term “flash mob”. This means you need a lot of people, or at least more than yourself, your mother and your dog. Post your flash mob invite on Facebook and other social media sites. Hang flyers at the laundromat. Make sure to include the time and place as well as the costumes and activity as needed.


Show up and stand back. Show up on the day of the event, but only to enjoy it. Do not interfere with the mob mentality, or you may find yourself at the bottom of it being trampled. The real creativity comes from the life the event will take on on its own. It no longer needs your direction. Let it pan out as it will. You gave birth to the idea and event, now stand back and let it live.