Moved out of your parent’s house?  Got your own studio without roommates?  Maybe you’ve already put a down payment on your own home.  

Bush league, son.  Set your sights higher, and start your own first world first person nation with the help of Erwin Strauss.  Strauss is a musician (whose stage name is Filthy Pierre), a social commenter, an author (obviously), and a science fiction enthusiast.  Sounds like a fairly inerrable foundation for a nation to us. From the bookjacket: 

Can you really start your own country? Erwin Strauss shows you five different methods for doing just that, as well as everything you need to know about sovereignty, national defense, diplomacy, raising revenue and recruiting settlers. Includes dozens of new-country success stories. Why settle for being king of your castle when you can be king of your own country?

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