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When you’ve got a hot chick on your arm, everybody wants her. Your girlfriend adores you and wants only you, but that won’t stop the sharks and wolves from circling another’s claim. After all, haven’t you poached someone else’s girl at some time? Karma’s a female dog, but you don’t have to get once bitten, twice shy. Check out these three easy ways to keep the other alpha males from hitting on your girlfriend at a bar.

Dimly Lit Bar with Couches

Location, location, location. Where do drunk, lust-driven predators congregate the most?  Bars. Want to keep the guys from approaching your girl at a bar? Stop taking her to those singles-bar hangouts. Why? Because the agenda is pick-up and go.The action at these places leave little room for respect and decorum. Check out the cool, new, and different bars instead. The new breed, a hybrid of bar and lounge, comes with comfy love-seats, dark light, and plenty of liquor. These types of bars place a premium on privacy and it’s mostly couples or same-gender buddy groups that frequent these places. Rare is the lone wolf who hunts in these dens, and rarer is his quarry!

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When in doubt, act like a lout. That’s right. They won’t tell you, but most girls love your inner bad boy. That macho manliness can be a strong deterrent when it comes to keeping the other guys at bay. The threat of physical violence may be a little strong, but just a step or two short is good enough. Ignore the intruder verbally, but give him the business through body. Body language speaks volumes, through scraping a chair back loudly, or a small step into the intruder’s personal space. Thump your shot glass hard, down on the bar. Kick the bar stool between you and the offender. Is it a little boorish? Sure, but it will get the job done.

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Be The Object Of Her Affection. If you’ve only cultivated lukewarm feelings, your girl is liable to give some pause to another guy’s advances. Sometimes, you’ve got to be a rock star. You’ve got let her know how deeply your affection for her runs. Splurge on that big bottle of Dom. If she has an issue with the food, tell the waiter that this will not stand, and make sure your lady gets something she likes. And if another man gives her the big eyes, stroll right up to him and let him know that “She’s with me.” Make sure she says to do it, too. When she sees just how much you like her, she’s bound to devout all of her attention to you. When other guys see that, there’s no way they’ll even think about hitting on her. Not with her one and only around!