You know those annoying spam text messages that encourage you to “claim your reward” and other such nonsense? They typically include a line that says all you have to do is text “STOP” to end the barrage of scam-laden bullsh*t. This is not the case. Every time I’ve recieved one of those messages I’ve dilligently responded “STOP” only to get hit with another one just a few days later. It is infuriating.

Recently, however, I came across a post on Reddit that proposed a solution. Rather than texting “STOP” the post encouraged readers to text “FUCK YOU.” According to photographic evidence provided by the poster, this worked immediately, resulting in a response from the offending spammer stating that no future spam messages would be sent. Since my attempts at texting “STOP” had never solicited any response at all, I decided to apply the “FUCK YOU” method the next time I had the opportunity.

Well, a few hours ago oppotunity came knocking. This was the result:

BOOM! Success. Apparently all it takes to ward off cellphone spammers is a little verbal force. Tip of the hat to the Redditor who discovered this. Unforutnately I couldn’t find his/her post on Reddit again, so if anyone reading this happens to have it bookmarked, please send the link to This good samaritan deserves the recognition.