Drunk dialing is an epidemic. Most people commit this act of utter tomfoolery at least once in their adult drinking lives. If left unchecked, drunk dialing can ultimately cost you friends, or at least piss them off. Drunk dialing can also be the reason you don’t score with that hot chick you met three hours ago at your favorite bar. As you can see, drunk dialing is no laughing matter. It’s up to you to fight the temptation. It’s up to you all to end the spread of one of the dumbest actions known to man, drunk dialing. Read on to learn how to stop drunk dialing.

Don’t get drunk. It seems like a common sense course of action. But, contrary to popular belief, there’s nothing common about common sense. When you get that warm feeling that flushes over your body, it’s time to slow down on the drinking. At this point you’re officially, relaxed, buzzed, in a state of constant mellow, you don’t need another drink. Once that feeling begins to stall, you can bring it back with a bottle of beer or something. Drunk dialing is a direct result of slamming drink after drink and not monitoring your mental state. Make sure to keep yourself level.

Phone lock. Some guys aren’t even going to consider an option that involves slowing down the alcohol consumption. If you’re one of those guys, then consider this option instead. Simply lock your phone with a password. By the time you get smashed and the urge to drunk dial overcomes you, you won’t be able to remember the password. Hence you won’t be able to totally embarrass yourself with an idiotic drunk dial.

Leave it behind. A simple yet effective solution is to simply leave the phone in your car. No phone, no drunk dialing. The only problem here is, you won’t be able to tally hot chicks phone numbers either. Well, you could  use the old pen and napkin trick to collect numbers.

turn phone off.jpg

Turn it off. The most practical of all solutions to drunk dialing is to simply turn your phone off. You’ll only need to turn it back on if you’re collecting numbers from the pretty girls in the bar. Plus,similar to applying the phone lock, if you’re collected enough to turn your phone off and on, you’re also sober enough to realize how stupid it is to drunk dial. Once drunk dialing evolves into a good idea in your alcohol impaired brain, you won’t be able to operate the phone anyway.

Exceptions. Some people use alcohol as an excuse to do what they want. If you’re one of those guys that drinks one beer and acts drunk, then you need a more extreme form of assistance. It’s evident you’re not drunk, you’re just being a douche-bag. In cases like this, just have one of your buddies slap the stupidity out of you for even considering a drunk call. Problem solved.