Online Relationship

You’ve been talking to your online betty for a while now. You feel like you’ve learned a lot about her and you guys mesh pretty well. Her personality seems to be as hot as the pictures she’s been posting. And hopefully ,those pictures are recent photographs. You guys are to the point where you’d like to meet each other in person. Have no worries, because figuring out how to take an online relationship into the real world should be a piece of cake. Believe it or not, you guys are actually ahead of the curve.

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Agreeing to meet. Once you two have gotten your fill of sweet messages that are 160 characters or less and you’re tired of sending emoticons back and forth, it’s time to arrange a meeting. Be the proactive one. Show her that you want to see her. You need to be the one to ask to meet her somewhere. Don’t wait around for her to do it. Your online relationship is about to invade the real world, and in the real world an indecisive man looks weak. Simply say something like “I think we should meet”.

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Choosing a place.  Another piece of cake. You guys have been talking day and night via some sort of chat apparatus. You have to know something she likes. Pick a place you know you’ll both enjoy. Stay away from the cliched dinner and a movie date. This is the first time you get to see your online love interest, so don’t choose a boring activity. You want to see if she’s the same picture she painted for you, and so does she.

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The meeting. You have nothing to be nervous about. This isn’t, technically, your first meeting. You won’t be spending half of the date getting to know each other. You already know each other. Be confident and relaxed because you guys have already developed a level of comfort that most people on first dates don’t have. Seriously, the first date is just about fun. You’ll see once you get there. The pressure will dissipate like a weird smell in a strong breeze.

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More and more. Chances are, you’ll hit it off with her rather easily. That being the case, you guys will want to see more and more of each other. Enjoy the time with her. If you’ve made it this far, then you’re better off than most people at this stage simply because of the fact you got to learn about each other online, with no social pressure whatsoever. Your online relationship has just become a real life, tangible union.

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Growing together. Now, you’ll notice all the aspects of a normal relationship setting in. You’ll be meeting her friends. She’ll be meeting yours. There may be the occasional disagreement (all relationships have them), but you guys will have just as real of a chance to develop your union as two people that met in a grocery store. Enjoy it.

Questions. It is inevitable at some point someone will ask you guys how you met. Some people, even in 2011, can be embarrassed to say they met online. But you don’t have to be. A growing number of relationships start online in some shape or form. If you guys are happy, it doesn’t really matter, does it?