What’s life without a little adventure, right? Sure, there’s comfort and value in a little routine, but we are, in our human hearts, craving some excitement. But adventure, almost by definition, is not without a little peril. Maybe even more than a little. That’s part of its charm.

As a man, some (or a lot) danger might be okay. After all, we’re tough, rough, and ready to rumble. At least we think that we are anyway. We eat beef jerky, play tackle football on cement, and cross the street without looking both ways. But our significant others don’t always share our love for danger and derring-do. Sometimes they’re down right opposed to it. What can you, as a man, do to talk your girlfriend into a little adventure travel? Well, there are a few different tactics you can choose to help rack up some frequent flier miles as a couple. Onward to adventure!

1. Cater To Her Tastes: Not every person likes the same things, you know? It sounds obvious, but we men sometimes forget that our ladies don’t think the same way that we do. Sometimes to get your adventure fix, you need to taper your ideas to match her tastes a bit. For instance, you both love the outdoors. But you want to hang-glide off the sheer cliffs of the White Mountains, and that’s just a little too extreme for your lady. So pull it back a little, champ. You can still get your fix of adventure in the outdoors. Pitch her the idea of doing some camping and then push for some white-water rafting. Assure her that the rapids are perfectly suited for beginners, and that the experience will really help you grow as a couple. With a little prodding, any nature-loving girl will go along with you.

2. Try Exotic Locales: If you have the means, travelling for a little intercontinental adventure can work wonders on your girl’s psyche. Maybe you couldn’t get her to go for a bike ride along an ultra-narrow mountain pass in the states, but if you mention doing that in Chile, suddenly you’ve got yourself a winning idea. Ladies love travelling to exotic locales. Even if your accommodations aren’t necessarily plush, a trip to a foreign land packs a certain kind of appeal. You get some adventure and she can tell her friends that the two of you took a trip to South Africa. It’s win-win! Except for the part where you might die. But that’s adventure for you.

3. Wrap Your Adventure In a Luxury Vacation: “Honey, would you like to spend a week at a fabulous hotel with a breath-taking view, all along the coast of South Africa?” There’s no way she can refuse that offer, right? Well, casually mentioning the fact that you’re going to take her diving with great white sharks, not to mention spending a night camping out in the plains where lions live might dampen her joy a bit. But the dangling carrot of those luxury amenities and sunny beach time will have her walking head long into your adventure plans. After all, who could resist?

4. Let Her Choose The Adventure: You’ve got to be flexible, man. If your girlfriend is unenthused regarding your adventure, maybe you should try a different approach. Tell her that you really want to do something adventurous as a couple, but that you don’t want to force her to do something with which she’s uncomfortable. Hand her the reigns, and even if she picks something rather mild by your tastes, you can use it as an opportunity to fuel her love of adventure. Soon the two of you will be rolling over Niagara Falls in a barrel and cliff diving off of Dover.

5. Lie to Her: Okay, so maybe this isn’t necessarily the best approach. Dishonesty doesn’t really help anyone. But sometimes the unwilling need a push to try something new. You can’t let her sit on the couch watching re-runs of “The Golden Girls” until the end of time. So, some cheap chicanery might be in order. Maybe you talk her into going camping, but leave out the part about leaving some bear-bait out so you can get documentary footage of nature at its best. Once you’re out there, it’s tough to turn around!

-Stu Moody