Girl Likes You For You

It is of the utmost importance that you figure out how to tell if a girl likes you for you… or just your money. Honestly, it isn’t that difficult if you open your eyes and pay attention. Now, if you’re paid like the Donald Trumps of the world, you can afford to have a string of gold diggers that really like you for your “personality.” If, however, you’re making $11.75 an hour doing customer service, a gold digger won’t have too far to dig before she breaks your bank. To avoid cancer of the wallet and the death of your pockets, here’s how to tell if a chick is feeling you or reaching for your bread.

malt shop

Her conduct. When a girl likes you, she’s more wrapped up in seeing you, not where she’ll see you. Get it? If she’s constantly asking you “Where are you taking me?” she probably isn’t into you. She’s into what you can do for her. If, however, she wants to know when you’re spending time together, not necessarily where, then she likes you. Now, this doesn’t mean you should be a cheap-ass all of the time, but watch her conduct when you are. She should be just as happy at a sandwich shop as she would at a five star restaurant… as long as she’s with you.

Her suggestions. Everybody likes to go to nice places and to have nice things, but if she suggests that you go to expensive restaurants all the time and doesn’t at least offer to pay, it’s because she knows you can afford it. She’s become accustomed to you forking out bread for her. Here’s a test for you: next time she suggests an overpriced place to go, see if she also suggests even footing half the bill… just half. If not, you’ve got yourself a full fledged miner, equipped with a pick ax, shovel and bucket.

woman gift

Gift giving. If you haven’t found a sign of her gold digging ways, the monster shall be revealed here. If she’s accustomed to you putting your piggy bank in a guillotine to buy her gifts for her birthday and Christmas try this out. Get her something considerably much cheaper with more of a sentimental value. If she ignores the sentiment and asks, “What else did you get me?” you’ve got yourself a leech. She may need to be surgically removed from your credit card. People say it’s the thought that counts, right? So what does it mean she’s thinking when you give her a gift that isn’t good enough?

One-sided relationship. You are not supposed to give gifts, be nice or do things for others for some sort of reciprocity. You’re supposed to do things from the goodness of your heart. But this works both ways, brother. If all you do is give, give, give, and she ain’t giving back and just keeps her diamond-clad hand (all thanks to you) extended in a receiving position, get her lost fast. She’s not in to you and you should not feel bad about letting her go. Let that vampire find another dumb schmuck to suck dry.