If you’ve envisioned your knife’s blade going straight into the bull’s eye of your target, you’ll need to know how to throw a knife like a ninja to be able to get it done. A ninja doesn’t just take target practice with a knife with the hope that he’ll improve. A ninja starts from the bottom and works his way up by developing basic skills first. Once the foundation is developed, you can move on the more difficult techniques. Unlike your average guy practicing on the throwing range, a ninja won’t get distracted by anything while throwing.


Start with the right knives, even as a beginner. Your knives should be at least a foot long but no longer than sixteen inches. As a beginner, purchasing knives with heavy blades will allow you to grip the knife by the handle. Heavy handles, on the other hand, will force you to grip the blade itself to achieve success. A sharpening block is also essential.


Work on your ninja-like patience before you try throwing at a target. Activities like meditation and yoga can help you calm your nerves, so your entire body remains steady while throwing knives. You can also practice by remaining in the knife-throwing position without actually throwing, while envisioning the blade going straight into the bull’s eye.

knife board.jpg

Start throwing close to your target and step back as you build success. Start about six feet away from the target and throw the knife so that it spins halfway around. If the handle points toward the ceiling when it sticks, get closer or farther away if the handle points at the ground. When you get back to about twelve feet from the target, you should attempt one full spin of the knife.


Pay close attention to each individual step in your throwing motion to avoid minor flaws in technique. One key technique is to keep your wrist straight, since flicking it will make it harder to stay consistent. Keep your head focused and still and don’t back away after releasing the knife. It should ease out of your hand instead of your hand backing away from it.


Take your knives to a different throwing range to see if you can succeed outside of your comfort zone. Backyard target practice is a great way to develop throwing skills, but a ninja can throw during all distractions without missing a beat. Even if you are still improving, sign up for a throwing competition and test your skills against your peers. You can all start to experiment with different sized knives and targets.