Bartender‘s eat off the tips they get. It’s no secret. Their hourly wages are pretty much a joke. Because of this, it’s in a bartenders best interest to be personable, to give great service in order to make good tips. Being hot helps as well. What’s not good for business is to give away drinks for free. In the grand scheme of things, a few free drinks won’t hurt the bar‘s total income in an evening, but it can cut into a bartender’s revenue stream. Because of this, you’re going to have to drop a little cash in the beginning to develop a solid relationship with a bartender for free drinks. Here’s how to tip a bartender and get free drinks.

Picking your bartender. Spreading your cash around isn’t going to work. You need to find one bartender and stick with her. Actually, you could choose a male bartender, but it’ll probably be more fun developing a relationship with the lady mixologist. Anyway, bartenders have a social hierarchy at the bar. You have the head bartender, and the support bartenders. The head bartender is the number one girl, well, because she get’s the best tips and draws in the most clientele. You don’t want to go for that one. She gets way too much attention as it is. No, go for the chick that isn’t the center of attention. She’ll be easier to build a rapport with.

Open a tab. When you open a tab, it’s customary to only deal with the bartender you’ve opened the tab with. This will work in your favor in the long run. Drink until your hearts content. Be nice to your bartender, but don’t flirt with her. She’s used to guys drooling over her like a piece of meat. Just be as courteous as you can in the setting you’re in. Make sure by the end of the night she knows who you are.

Tip Your Bartender Get Free Drinks

Tipping. You tightwads aren’t going to like this. Tip well, very well. Most bartenders get about a dollar a drink in tips. Even if the drink is $13, they still get a dollar. Tip at least twenty percent for the price of each drink. She’ll remember you for that.

Wash, rinse, and repeat. Make sure you show up for the next couple of weeks during her shifts. Make sure you don’t hit on her, but try to get to know her better. Continue to tip well. Then, disappear for a week. Give her a chance to miss her cash cow. Oh, and she will miss you.

The payoff. After you’ve developed a decent relationship with her, you’ll be viewed more as a friend than a client, so to speak. She’ll be giving you free shots here and there. She’ll be leaving those extra beers off of your tab. In no time, you would have received enough free drinks to make up for the money and time you invested in your bartender friend earlier on. As a matter of fact, you’ll probably be able to get into the bar for free, if there’s cover. She’ll look out for you, because she knows you’ll look out for her. Keeping you around will be good for her personal business. And hanging out with her will give you a much needed break in your money spent on alcohol.