Today I had a busy day. I put up crown molding in my dining room while at the same time trading Google options. I’m not sure if you’ve done either but these individually are both trying and take experience, patience, and a lot of luck. The only reason I am posting this is because the results are extraordinary. Perfect seamed crown molding and $1800 profit from trading Google. Here is what you are going to need to do this project

1. Broker
2. Mitre Saw
3. Crown molding of your choice
4. Patience
5. Information from Simply Options
6. Crown Molding Jig (very very helpful)
7. Finishing Nails
8. Counterpoint set thingy (forget what its called) to set nails
9. Spackle
10. Paint
11. Ladder
12. Computer with extra fast Internet connection
13. Pizza
14. 3 Cans of Red Bull
15. Misc Things Hammer, drop cloth, wash cloth, latex gloves

My goal was this. Google has kicked my ass all year and has proved to be my toughest stock to trade. My wife has also been on me to put crown molding up in my dining room. I decided to kill two birds with two stones today and get the best of both of them. My brother (who knows what he’s doing) helped me put this thing up (thank you Joe) and prepare a list of all the materials (up above) that I would need for the crown molding part. Simply Options helped me on the Google part. I noticed on his blog that Google was setting up for a fill the gap fall. He had a very detailed chart of the head and shoulders pattern and showed the support line at 460 that if broken, could fill the gap to 430. He also said he was looking to get in once it hit 470. I completely agreed with this and decided I too was going to buy puts once it hit 470 and would be watching for time to get in. I might add that I was trying to surprise my wife for Christmas and had to hide all materials and could not prepare the room. I used one of our box to load all the materials. I set up my trading account with my trading screen on the Goog 460 puts ready to go when I hit the button. In pre-market I noticed Google is going to open over 470. I’m in. I put my order in for the puts and get ready to start putting up the moulding. I get my puts at the opening and over comes my brother. We immediately get to measuring. Measuring is the most important thing you can do. The second most important thing is buying a crown molding jig to help you hold up the molding at the angle you need to cut. Makes the corners perfect. I also have a laser on my saw, I don’t know how I ever used a saw without it. In between cuts I checked the screen. Every time I look I see it going down a bit lower. I’ve been here before. Things looking good and when I don’t take a profit it only haunts me later. I decide I like how the crown molding looks after one piece is up and I like the movement of the stock. I continue both. We make a few mistakes on the first piece but we learned, used some putty and moved on. It was a piece of cake from there. About 1 o’clock I order some pizza because if someone is nice enough to help you put up moulding then you sure better buy them some pizza. As I eat I notice the stock moving back up. After a few bites I decide I am going to sell some 430 puts. I think this is the gap that needs to be filled so this is what I decide to sell. If it gets here I’ll have done fine. If not, every day that goes by I get a few dollars of decay to put in my pocket. As I get ready to sell the puts my brother is done eating and wants to get back to work. Not one to tell someone helping me to wait, I hold off and get back to work. We work diligently and it goes smooth as silk. We get it up, spackled, and read for paint. As I’m cleaning up I decide I’m really going to sell those puts and get rid of some of the 460’s. To add to my beautiful day, Google starts to drop hard at the end of the day giving me one of the highest prices of the 430’s traded today and good prices for half of my 460’s. I kept half of the 460 puts and sold an equal amount of the 430’s to hold until that gap is filled and still picked up enough to pay for a whole house full of crown molding. Well the trades are done and all that was left to do was to vacuum, wash up, do some painting (didn’t get this done). We finished all this before the wife got home and she had no idea what a full day I had. She asked how work went today (I only drove to work didn’t stay) I said “very busy” to which she replied . “Could you at least empty the dishwasher when you get home?”