To trim a mustache like you were born with one, you’re probably going to have to practice quite a bit. Luckily, if you make a mistake, you can either wait for your mustache to grow back, or shave it off and start all over again. In this spirit, you should get creative and have fun with your mustache. It can be used to help give you a whole new look and attitude, and it can be great at attracting the ladies.


Shampoo your mustache. Before you trim your mustache, it’s very important that it’s clean and free of all debris. The best way to do this is to shampoo it in the morning while you’re in the shower. Lather it up well, rinse and repeat just as you would your hair. Then, add some conditioner. Yes, that’s right. A little conditioner can make a big difference between trimming your mustache and trimming it like you were born with one. Follow the instructions on the conditioner just like you would for the hair on your head.


Comb it out. Once your mustache is all shampooed and conditioned, you need to comb it. Again, compare your mustache to the hair on your head. Use a smaller comb that’s made just for mustache grooming. These combs generally come with hair grooming kits, or you can purchase one separately. Start at the base of your nose where the mustache starts and comb downward. Get out any little kinks or knots and continue combing until your entire mustache is nice and smooth.


Bust out the tiny scissors. To trim a mustache like you were born with one, start by using grooming scissors. These also come with men‘s hair grooming kits. Use the scissors to trim up the mustache hairs that are growing over your lip. These tiny hairs can run wild and are often difficult to tackle. If you need to, use your comb to help smooth the hair first. With the comb acting as your guide, you should be able to get a nice clean trim to your mustache.


Use beard trimmers. Now that your mustache has the length you want, you can trim down the thickness. Use a longer setting on the beard trimmer to start. You can always set it shorter and trim off more hair, but you can’t make more hair reappear once it’s gone! Move the beard trimmer carefully and slowly from the top of your mustache to the bottom, or from below your nose to your lip. Continue moving along the mustache until it’s all trimmed and neat, just the way you like it.