Wall Art Posters

You’re bored and not the kind of boredom that can be fixed by starting anunderground hedgehog fight club or seeing what kind of colors you'll end up with in the bathroom by drinking various weird colored cheap juice drinks from the convenience store. What you need to kill the boredom is to change the walls you stare at while waiting for your next relationship or future video game release. With a strong hatred of painting, and a doctor’s note from the last time you inhaled all those fumes, it’s time you learned how to turn posters into wall art.


Step One.

Age Limit

Assess your age as well as the age of the posters you wish to turn into wall art. Your age must be under the age of twenty-three if your posters are from the 1980s or later whereas 1970s and earlier posters have no age restriction. If you do not meet either the age restriction or the poster decade limit, you need to tear your posters down. Do it now and then go to Step Four.

Step Two.

Step 2

Twenty three and uppers do you really want to spend money on making your posters into wall art? Really? Rather than booze or a bigger television or more booze? Fine, go get it framed by a business that knows what they’re doing. Those black cheap plastic frames with the hard plastic cover do not count. Now if you have the time or think that the frame stores tend to smell of desperation and bad business planning then on to step three.

Step Three.

Step 3

If you’ve made it this far you have the refined palate of a twenty four year old or more and thus have some disposable income or an annoying right girlfriend/boyfriend that has issued some sort of ultimatum concerning your posters. Putting a frame on your posters not only kills their vitality by throwing a boundary around them but also shows the world that you’re about as imaginative as sidewalk gum. Get creative. Use adhesive and a paintbrush to combine posters to actually create some art. Add some colorful paint on top and around your posters via that paintbrush again. Take a poster and have it follow along a wall, through a corner and onto the next wall thereby creating wall art that has a spark to it and won’t make you feel like the work you put into it would’ve been better spent on buying some actual art or making origami robots out of the posters. Dang it, step four should’ve been origami robots.

Step Four.

Ashes to ashes

By now your bonfire should be out and hopefully your friends are still passed out from the party you had because who doesn’t invite their friends over when they’re having a fire? Arsonists and creepy little kids that’s who would do that. There’s two ways to go from here, so either be charming and convince everyone to use the ashes of the fallen posters to do body art on each other or have everyone make a mural using the ashes on your walls then cover with a clear lacquer (not liquor, lacquer…ask an adult for help if necessary) to keep the art preserved.

Step Five.

Step 5

Now the end has come to your little arts and crafts project of turning posters into wall art. There is only one last lesson to be learned, one last “wax on, wax off” moment for you grasshopper. Grab whatever co-dependent internet using device you have and Google a website called “Ebay”. The pain here is going to either come from seeing what your posters were worth before being wrecked or how much more the frame you put on them is worth compared to the price point of your poster. Now Google something called “cognitive dissonance”, read the definition, and then stare at your wall art and wait until the rationalization kicks in.