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Guys, it can be difficult to win an argument with your lady. Even when you’re right, you’re wrong. And, well, she’s just never wrong. Yes, arguments can be very frustrating road blocks in an otherwise fruitful and progressive relationship. Guys, since the dawn of man, have been trying to figure out just how to get the upper hand over their women in arguments. Gentleman, you’ve been going at it all wrong. It’s not about getting the upper hand. Arguments aren’t contests. They are the manifestation of two sides failing to make connections, a mass break down of communication. Nothing more. You can learn how to win an argument with your girlfriend in three easy steps…when you stop trying to win.

Listen to her side. The first, and most important step to winning an argument is to let her talk first. It’s imperative that you allow her to say everything–everything–she needs to say.  Sit back and get comfortable. It’ll probably take a while. You may even want to take notes. Either way, you have to let her get everything off of her chest. Now, don’t just sit there and let your wandering mind drown her out. You need to be listening to everything she has to say. Any point she makes, you need to understand it fully. What better way to rebuttal someone’s argument than by fully understanding their argument, i.e. the holes, lies, misconceptions or what have you. Make sure you listen to everything, or you’ll have no chance of winning the argument.

Your rebuttal. If you did your job in step one, formulating your argument will be much easier. You’ll be able to bring up any holes, discrepancies, and just downright falsehoods in her position. Make sure, however, that you don’t go off the deep end screaming and yelling, or you’ll destroy your chance at winning the debate. Just present your position in a calm and steady manner. The whole time, never take your eyes off of her. This is very important. Give her one of those intense Brad Pitt like stares as you speak to her. There will be times, no doubt, when she’ll want to interrupt you. Simply stop talking, and calmly ask her to let you finish. Do this every time she interrupts you. The main thing here is just to remain calm. After you’ve said your piece it’s time to end this argument. Remember, presenting her with the facts is important. Giving her the proof of how she was wrong is also important. Most important of all is how you present said information to her. Keeping it cool will go a long way in winning her over.

Make Up Sex

Make up sex. Yes sir. Regardless of who’s wrong and who’s right, a good make up sex session makes everyone a winner. By this point, you’ve pretty much gotten her to see your side. But, there’s still a chance that her ego may be slightly bruised. And as long as she’s nursing her wounds, you haven’t really won. In order to fully claim victory, she can’t harbor any resentment. Make up sex shows that you’re not holding anything against her, and it’ll help her get over being wrong. You win, and you get some lovin’ out of it… Really, does it matter who forgot to take out the trash? Is it all that important that you squeeze the toothpaste tube the wrong way. Probably not. What is important is that you put an argument squarely behind you. A great make up session will do just that. This is why, in step two, you’re required to give her your best Brad Pitt impression. You’re attempting to gradually change the mood from fighting to freaky. After all is said and done, the only thing left is to take her to bed. Thirty minutes from now she won’t care about your inability to wash dishes in a timely matter.