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Admit it: you’ve held the hand-brush in front of the bathroom mirror and secretly sung love songs to that special girl. Poetry of the soul should be celebrated, not hidden. Why sing some other man’s lyrics when you can sing and write your own? Sure, you worried you’re going come off like Nebraska (you know, “corny) if you actually present  this to your lady. But, it is possible to pen a heartfelt song, sincerely given, tenderly received. Share this part of you with your girlfriend and you will touch her heart. It’s not that hard, actually. Just check out these tips to release your inner songwriter!

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Use material that you’ve already written to start writing a song for your girlfriend. One of the easiest ways to write a song is through writings that you have on hand. What about those texts you saved that you were too shy to send? Or mushy e-mails and love notes you’ve sent to her over the years? You do that stuff, right? Or maybe you were a closet poet in high school or college and you already have a few choice lines on hand. Select a few key sentences that seem to reflect her the best, and say them to yourself. Write those down to begin your song.


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Make a list of what you love about her. Do you lover your girlfriend’s eyes? Her fun-loving personality? Her “naughty” side? Get all that stuff down on paper so you can help order your thoughts. Be careful though: just be cause she’s sexy doesn’t mean you should go writing an X-rated song for her. You want to melt her heart, so keep it more sentimental than sexual. She’ll appreciate the former more than the latter. Once you’ve gotten the basics out, you can start elaborating on everything until you’ve got a real set of full-fledged lyrics. Go ahead and bust out a rhyming dictionary, and you can start putting your words into verse form, complete with sweet rhyming couplets.


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Imitation is flattery. You may not be a world-class song writer. That’s okay, because you know what? There are plenty of other world-class songwriters out there from whom you can crib in order to write your song. Turn on your iPod for inspiration. Listen to your favorite love songs to get an idea. Borrow a melody line from a song you like and sing it to your own lyrics that you worked on earlier. It won’t be long before you’ve gotten your own rhythm going! It’s not like you’re going to commercially release your song, so a little (or maybe a lot) plagiarism is just fine.


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Keep it simple! Unless you’ve got access to unlimited funds, you’re not going to wow her with your stage show. You don’t need to write all kinds of different musical parts for your song. If you’ve got the skill, go ahead and bust out your acoustic guitar. If you can’t play an instrument, that’s okay, your voice will be enough. Singing on command, without accompaniment, can be nerve-wracking and embarrassing, so it may be wise to put some soft music on in the background to help guide you. You could even sing your song to the tune of another song, with personalized lyrics. Knowing that you’ve gone to all that trouble just to impress her will go a long way, and it won’t be long before she’s looking at you with love and admiration. Congratulations, buddy, your hard work has paid off!