Being a sexually confident guy is not only good for your self-esteem, it’s also good for your partner.  And sexual confidence does not mean acting like a He-Man who rips off his pants and then jumps from the ceiling to the bed. Sexual confidence is about much more than sex, or even good sex. It’s about the whole mindset of loving yourself and your body and being comfortable in your own skin. Such a mindset can be contagious and result in one equally comfortable woman. Here’s how the chain reaction can work.


For starters, she’ll sense your honesty. Confident people don’t have anything to hide. They are also more inclined to speak from the heart and offer genuine compliments. Women definitely know when compliments are genuine and when they’re a bad ploy to get them in the sack. Armed with your genuine compliments and your aura of honesty, the woman will start to relax. Instead of focusing her attention on her thighs she finds too fat or her nose she finds too pointy, she’ll be basking in the compliments you offer. If you’re really good, she’ll start to believe them. This boosts her own confidence and gets her out of the big cocoon of covers she’s wrapped around herself in hiding.



She’ll relax even further when she sees you are ready and able to take charge. With you taking charge, she’ll realize she doesn’t have to. All her worries about moving too quickly, too slowly or “should I take off my own shirt or let him do it” instantly dissipate. She’ll become less tense and distracted when she knows she doesn’t have to devise an 18-part strategy in her head. Once she sees you’re at the helm of the ship, so to speak, she can kick back, relax and enjoy the cruise.



Part of cruise enjoyment is appreciating all that’s in store. Since you are confident enough to share your own likes and dislikes in bed, she’ll be more apt to do the same. You can even prompt her by making your moves then asking if it’s something that pleases her. If she’s particularly coy, start with more traditional moves, such as soft kisses and caresses. Once you see her confidence level rise, you can move on to bolder moves. Just make sure she’s enjoying the progress so you’re not suddenly slapped in the face.



The final level of comfort comes from the easy conversation that can happen before, after, or even during your encounter. You’re not expected to have a full-fledged discussion on religion or politics here, only to open up communication. That honesty she sensed from you at the beginning can prompt her own ability to be honest. No games. No lies. No secrets. Your sexual confidence just resulted in one beautiful experience with one very comfortable woman. Not bad at all.