If you’d like to go all migratory bird and head south for the winter, you can do better than Florida. (No offense, Florida.) But just a short flight from Miami, you’ll find Turks and Caicos, an attractive archipelago of sandy beaches and gorgeous reefs. Good, now that everyone’s on board, you’ll just need a place to stay.

Spoiler alert, you’re staying at this place: the Triton Luxury Villa. It’s a new beachfront rental that’s nestled among the sand dunes of Long Bay Beach. For you, that means two acres of land and 10,000 square feet of living space with seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms, should you like to bring some guests. And you really should, because nightly rates start at $4,800. If you rented it with 13 friends, it’d be less than $400 a night—not so bad.

If you’re feeling athletic, there are private tennis courts, and if you’re feeling less athletic, there are bocce courts. Either way, the outdoor movie theater with fire pit is a nice way to unwind, but only if you can pull yourself away from the hot tub, multiple pools, cabanas and unobstructed views of the turquoise ocean.

While there, you also might want to engage in some on-the-water activities like kiteboarding, paddleboarding or fishing. In that case, just notify your butler, and he will make all the arrangements. Oh right, there’s a butler. This just keeps getting better.