HSBC, the world’s largest banking group and one of the world’s largest companies, has been on a bit of a roll lately. It has been one of the few financial stocks on the rise, today reaching its highest levels since November, amid a lot of market turmoil. And on top of that, it is the talk of the town after teaming up with Google to launch a satellite that will give cheap Internet access to Africa and other emerging markets.

The ‘world’s local bank’ has also launched a new ad campaign, and it’s got me really puzzled and maybe even a little emotional? Is it possible for bank commercials to be too emotional? That’s when I realized — my bank is probably the one thing I want to be as rigid, uniform, professional and impersonal as possible. This is my hard-earned money we’re talking about! Stay tuned for some further analysis after the jump:

Intense HSBC Bank Logger Commercial – Watch more free videos

The brutal attack dog close-ups, the guy taking off his glasses preparing for a scuffle, the little girl peeking out from the trees, the overly sentimental Joanna Newsom song playing?! Jeez, this bank commercial has more sentiment and causes more heart strings to get pulled than almost ALL of this year’s political ads/national conventions combined. What gives?

HSBC is either trying to win some advertising brilliance award with this thing, or they think playing to your emotions in times of economic hardship and recession is the best move.

Plus, maybe that wife/girlfriend on the motorcyle realized it’s a lot more stable and safe to be holding onto the driver than that little bar behind her?

Seriously, lady, your husband is a lumberjack/tree killer, you’re probably not that cruel and bitchy when his paychecks come home each week.

Overall, I’m definitely not saying it’s a bad commercial. Compared to the bizarre Seinfeld/Microsoft ads and the prevalence of odd-vertising as a way of making commercials so strange that they’re memorable, I think this HSBC one is nice. But maybe it’s just too much. This other HSBC ad from the same campaign with people puking at amusement parks gets the same message across without all the drama. 

Let us know what you thought in comments.

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