Calling all Hulkamaniacs! Tune in to see the Hulkster inspire a troupe of midget wrestlers in his new show, Hulk Hogan’s Micro Championship Wrestling (TruTV, Wednesdays, 10/9c). As executive producer and coach, Hogan trains and advises smaller brawlers on everything from money to making it in the ring. Here’s an excerpt from our Q&A with him. More to come from our mustachioed friend in Movember. Yeah brother! 

MADE MAN: We hear one of your mottos is you need to start small if you want to win big.
HULK HOGAN: You really have to keep your doors open. Don’t have specific goals. Whenever someone puts a goal on something, like, ‘I want to be a millionaire,’ it might sound big to you or me, but it’s actually small thinking. Because you are limiting yourself when you are specific like that. Why do you want to be a millionaire when all of a sudden you could be so fortunate and live in so much abundance, joy and happiness that you make billions and billions of dollars and help millions of people. I don’t think small. I am grateful for what I have but I leave the doors open for greatness to happen.

MM: Did the wrestlers listen to your advice?
HH: Well, I had to get in Hulk Hogan mode to get in with them! But I have been around the block a few times. These guys have been doing the same thing, getting mediocre money, going to the same clubs, and really needed to break out of that. I tried to show them what greatness is and how to quit living from that comfort zone. I wanted to show them a higher level of performance. If you function at that higher level all the time, better things will happen. Beyond that bond of wrestling, we talked about being better people…and they listened. They really stepped up.

MM: What does wrestling teach guys about being better men?
HH: Wrestling is the perfect cliché on good vs. evil in life. The good guys go forward, the bad guys go backward. Good always triumphs over evil. Whether you take a shortcut or don’t follow through with commitments, you can never get away with anything. The better person you are, how you treat people and the way you conduct yourself—your actions have to be a match for who you say you are in the world. So I think men can learn a lot by watching wrestling. If you are good, you are going to triumph. If you are evil, and decide not to walk the walk and talk the talk, you backstab or shortchange anyone, guess what, you won’t reach your goal…