I have officially found out that my humor draws much more attention than my financial opinions. I am definitely going to keep with the funny money theme and run with it. So far in two weeks I have been on the front page of digg.com, gorillamask.net, and ebaumsworld.com (presently on the front page) as well as many other “link” sites. The article about the drug smuggling got 20,000 hits alone. It is amazing how much revenue you can bring in when you get 5000 hits a day. Realizing I might have something here I am going to pay someone to help me put together a much more organized, prettier, better layed out website. I should have it ready by the new year. I also am going to make wallstreetfigher.net a stock and money link dump. Most people want respect, not me. I want to have a fun site that is enjoyed by all. I will never have any nudity on my site but I sure will point you to it.