According to a bunch of prestigious, well-researched studies about the affinities of women, a good sense of humor is a very appealing trait for a man to have. And yet, no one ever seems to talk about whether men appreciate women that can make them laugh.

To buck against that standard, here’s some foxy and funny ladies that deserve a standing ovation for their quirky style.

Christina Applegate

Who can forget Married With Children? This bastion of 90’s-era, working-class classlessness produced two things worth remembering: the joy of resting your palm under the waistline of your pants after a long day at a job you hate, and a national crush on Kelly Bundy, the pretty, promiscuous, dim-witted daughter of Al Bundy. Christina’s post-Kelly career included 2002’s The Sweetest Thing with Cameron Diaz, which featured her formidable abs as toned as her comedic timing. This led her to more memorable comedy gems like frat favorite Anchorman, where she famously challenged Will Ferrell’s assertion that, "San Diego," translated in Spanish to "whale’s vagina." Perhaps most importantly, she was an original member of burlesque group The Pussycat Dolls, where she wiggled seductively alongside Carmen Electra and Nicole Scherzinger.

Sarah Silverman


No comedian has ever ranked higher on Maxim’s Hot List than Sarah (first #50 in 2006, and #29 the following year, where she was featured on the cover). Of course, she’s not just a sexy woman and famously raunchy comedian; she’s also immensely profitable. Her scathing half-concert-half-biopic Jesus Is Magic netted an impressive 1.3 million dollars. Sarah also spent several years romantically attached to late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. This led to the funniest example of infidelity in recent memory, when Sarah released the sketch music video I’m Fucking Matt Damon during an interview on Jimmy’s show, which later netted her an Emmy for writing the song.

Natasha Leggero

It’s not often that you can use "sultry," and, "indie comedy," in the same sentence, but those words are indispensable when describing Natasha. Comedian and character actor extraordinaire, she was most recently seen playing Amber, the quaintly-psychotic-and-recently-dumped everywoman in He’s Just Not That Into You. Her pouty dimples and old-Hollywood drawl lend credence to her high-status (and brilliantly satirical) characters. And who doesn’t love creative role-playing? Her personas have ranged from a sassy "McCaingel" (a servant of Presidential runner-up John McCain) to a 1920s-era flapper (wearing not just a mink stole, but an entire family of slaughtered foxes). Natasha regularly performs in Los Angeles, and appears in promotional short films commissioned by Sega as part of the North America marketing effort for Sega Rally Revo.

Aisha Tyler


Aisha is easily one of the most prolific and attractive talents in the modern canon of funny women. On top of a career-long pursuit in stand-up comedy (including her live concert at the Fillmore this year), she acts in blockbuster television series’ like  "24," "Friends," "CSI," and, "Nip/Tuck." She previously hosted the always-watchable "Talk Soup," letting America know how hot Greg Kinnear isn’t. She was also prominently featured in the viral video, "Yes We Can," alongside fellow Chickipediette Scarlett Johanssen, which obviously got Obama elected. In high school, Aisha was known for ditching class to attend improv lessons, which makes her not only hot, but a hilarious bad ass.

Iliza Schlesinger

In 2008, Iliza gained national attention for being the youngest, first female, and easily most attractive winner of NBC’s Last Comic Standing. After graduating from Emerson College in 2004, the Texas-borne beauty started regularly performing stand-up comedy in Los Angeles. She’s frequently spotted at venues like The Comedy Store on the glitzy Sunset Strip. When she’s not in web videos wearing skimpy bikini’s to appease the fickle internet gods, Iliza regularly tours the country performing alongside other Last Comic Standing winners.

Sarah Chalke

Sarah is one of those incredibly rare women who can be both cute and hot in the same moment. It’s almost like her sexiness was a wonderful accident, and she’s barely aware of it — and that works fine, because we’re all well enough aware of it for her. She’s best known for playing the perky Eliot Reid, or "Blonde Doctor," on the cult TV classic, "Scrubs," with the accessibly indie Zach Braff. Sarah was born in Canada, which we gladly forgive her for. She’s also a runner, and has been featured on the cover of Fitness magazine.

Jenny McCarthy

Ever since the early days of MTV and its edgy dating show Singled Out, Jenny has been the blonde bombshell who’s notoriously clever and raunchy. She can belch with the boys, but she’s got the body of a goddess. In a way, she is actually the ultimate girl next door: all your life she’s been a tomboy who farts around you and makes dirty jokes, and then one day she’s a full-grown woman who poses for Playboy. She seems completely familiar yet unattainable. It’s that contradiction that makes people balk at funny girls when we should be showering them with praise. Or imagining them in the shower…wait, what?

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