It’s tough these days to walk around unaccompanied by your iPod. In the thick of a snow storm or just when it’s so cold your fingers exposed to the open air is painful, your mp3 player is something you sometimes have to do without.

What if in the slick wintry conditions you slip on some ice, launching your iPod from your hand or pocket into a patch of yellow snow? It has to have happened to somebody. It could be you. Unless you’re wearing the Hustle Audio Jacket by The North Face. The Hustle Audio Jacket keeps you work while allowing you to safely stow away your iPod deep within the jacket. But how will you change songs? They’ve supplied a handy little joystick on the left sleeve that will allow you to pause, up the volume, or switch tracks.  Just don’t have it so loud you don’t hear the avalanche advancing behind you. There’s even one for her: the Femphonic Audio Jacket, which, weird name aside, is just as cool. Originally $600, the Hustle Audio Jacket can be found here for $348.95 and the Femphonic Audio Jacket here for the same.