Lauri Vuohensilta is crushing skulls and taking names—about 1.5M names that subscribe to his YouTube channel, the Hydraulic Press Channel. The video series is dedicated solely to obliterating random objects (think: Lego cars and bowling balls) with a hydraulic press for the sheer pleasure of it.

Why? Because it’s weirdly satisfying… and probably because he’s Finnish.

For Halloween this year, Vuohensilta decided to crush some spirits by putting some spooky items to the test.

1Like this red-eyed spider, which so many of us probably wish we could squish.

2And this crumbling skull that makes us cringe.

3This takes smashing pumpkins to a whole new level of rebellion.

4There’s nothing like oozing blood to spread the Halloween cheer.

5Plus he added a tidbit at the end where he annihilated a ghastly ghost.

We dare you to try to look away from the video below…