(BUY) ADC Telecommunications (ADCT)

I like the Telecommunications industry and looked at a few companies. My brother saw Dr. J talking about it on the news and it sparked my interest. I like how the stock is trading. I like the sector. Most importantly I like the management. It’s all I need to put a few dollars into it

(BUY) GOL Intelligent Airlines (GOL)

IBD seems to have their chart in every day. I kept telling myself, there is no way I am going to invest in a Brazilian airline. Then I got to thinking about all the money I made in TeleMex in 1992. I also realized if an airline is doing well now, just think how well it could do when the industry turns around. They also have a very strong cargo division. I think South America is a an area I went to be in and I like to invest companies that are doing well in bad sectors. This fits perfectly. Although the PE is a bit high for and airline, they are doing very well and deserve the high valuation. Any airline that is making money deserves a medal not just a high PE.