Have a book, album, computer or car you want tested and reviewed? I am the man. Heck, send me some food and I’ll tell you what I think. John Chow had Microsoft send him Pocket PC’s and took him to the employee store. Me I got a grab bag at the Chicago Marathon with some Jelly Belly Sport (I use them now on every run). I have received several books and actually loved 2 of the 3. Now it is time for you, Mr. Product for which I need an honest opinion, to send me some stuff.

I am a good pitchman, I am between 18-40 and male, an income over 100K and tons of disposable income. I am a voice of reckless spending on tech and gadgets that I will use for only a year. I represent the person that is not too old to play video games and wealthy enough to play them on my 50″ plasma. I am equally intrigued about the Urban Ninja as I am about the state of our economy. I can offer you a guy that understands the needs of the youth and the desires of the businessmen that wish to sell to them. I understand viral and tipping point and can make that happen with this stunt. Picture this, me falling off a train onto a treadmill while going into a dance routine to the music of the band of your choice all while holding your product in my hand. I will make sure that it looks like it was an accident caught on tape. So in all seriousness, send me something I’ll tell you what I think.Email me and I’ll tell you where to send the stuff.