MOJO has done the right thing. They’ve come back with a new season of Wall Street Warriors. I say the right thing because the first season made me gag watching Tim Sykes’ lame ass trying to prove to the world how cool he is. Now that they have him off the show I can sit back and enjoy the new “characters” of season two. They have moved out of the world of hedge funds and into the world of private equity, buyouts and funding. Honestly it’s not a world I’ve been in so I find it much more interesting. Here’s how this year will play out.

This year focuses on Brett, 28 year old buyout fund manager. The $100 million dollar fund must be doing well because young Brett drives a Ferrari. Over the top? Probably. But I admit it’s fun to watch. The cast also features a recent New York University graduate, a frozen orange-juice commodities trader and a pair of stock salesmen . For those of us that trade and have some money the whole “this is what money looks like” thing doesn’t really draw me in. What does draw me in and the reason you should be watching, is we do know money. I know what these guys and girls are thinking. I know the problems they have. Yeah there are a few more zeros at the end but I was young and on the trading floor once myself. There is the combination of trying to make it and at the same time show others you already have. I highly recommend you watch the show. It’s online over at MOJO. Take a sneak preview below I promise, no Sykes

Wall Street Warriors Sneak Preview – Watch more free videos