I recently wrote an article bashing Gillette and their new Fusion Blade that they are advertising every where you turn. I said they were a waste of money and a scam. Then all of a sudden a new Gillette Fusion shows up in my mailbox with new blades and all. As the old saying goes, I shouldn’t have judged the new blade before I used it. I used Gillette blades in the past and they have been pretty good but a new one comes out each and every year and each year they get a brighter color and more expensive. My first thought as I took it out of the package is how big the thing is. To get that many blades on a head the blade has to be wider and it is noticeable. I one quick sentence I will say this, I couldn’t believe how well the thing shaved. As I said previously in my article, because I don’t have to shave very often I don’t. Usually about 3 times every two weeks. I had a pretty good beard going and it cut right through it. I did take a shower beforehand because I’m not an idiot and don’t expect miracles. The biggest surprise was going to be my biggest complaint. Because it is so wide you can’t get under your nose very well. They thought this out. When you turn the blade around there is a little blade to get under your nose, a “finishing blade” . So in summary I would like to eat my words and say the Gillette Fusion is a great blade and I will be buying it. I will not buying the stock but finding a good blade is harder than finding a good stock. Thanks Gillette for sending me the blade it was a money well spent on your part.