you better make it so I can frickin read it. Most of you know , but for those of you who don’t, CAPTCHA are those curvy little letters or numbers at the bottom of the page that you have to type in to submit or enter things on a given web page. I completely understand the reasoning behind them and I’m not against their use but could Reddit make the thing any harder to read?
I am going to lose my eyesight or have permanent squint wrinkles from trying to figure out if that is a capital J or a small j. And that reminds me. NO more letters that look the same in lower case and small case, no “j” no “l” and no “s”. Those I find very difficult. I think the computer might actually have a better chance of getting it right that I do. Tonight I had to retype 7 or 8 times the darn Captcha entry . I spend 3 extra minutes just because I wanted to tell someone that I enjoyed their article on “The art of cooking onions” .

Digg got rid of Captcha and opened up the comments section and look what happened. OK, that’s not a good example, because that turned into a fraternity house (not a bad thing for me but some don’t like it) . They also moved to a CAPTCHA with better spacing in contrast to a ton of sites that act like they pay for captcha by the square inch and are trying to keep the spaced used to a minimum. Others have made CAPTCHAs that are much easier to use and even fun. I like the idea of Hotcaptcha. They take random pictures and have you pick out the hot girl. They certainly could make a something like what is (a random number) plus the number of cats you see.? Of course you would have to be able to add and speak English and both seem to be a problem in America right now.

I don’t care what people do to stop the bots but someone needs to come up with a simple, EASY TO SEE, system so that I type in my stupid comments without having to bring in my seven year old daughter to translate the “bot stopper”