This is frickin ridiculous. Every station, every website, every where I turn, they’re talking and speculating about the election. I used to love going over to Digg and enjoying some real news combined with “7 crazy things you never cared about but is funny or interesting” stories. Now they barely make it to the top being drowned out by political stories.

And forget about Reddit, it’s gone until November. It has always been very political but at the rate the political stories have piled up the fun and games are gone for a while. I care about politics but my vote is made up so I really don’t care what happens until the elections. That doesn’t mean that others don’t, but how much can the average person can digest?

Please give me back my news, digg, and reddit. There has to be something else going on in the world. Aren’t we screwing up in Iraq? Give me a good high oil price story or a woman teacher screwing her students. I want to know more about the 7 ways that candy can change your life. I don’t mind the leading story being the election but lately it’s been the middle and the close as well. No more feeding. I’m full