I get so tired of hearing people tell me how much money back they get and what they are going to buy with it. Since when did Uncle Sam become a savings account? Why do I want the government to hold my money and give me no interest while they do it? Do they not have the ability to save it? I never have quite understood the “I don’t carry cash because I’ll spend it” mentality. Does money burn that big a hole in everyone’s pocket? Do people actually not buy things because they don’t have the cash on them? Getting back to the taxes. I was fortunate enough to make a lot of money this year. Most of it was trading options. I can’t get over how much money the government gets for that. I gave the government 60K of my money for trading this year and they did absolutely nothing. I don’t mind the paycheck taxes but the trading money irks me. I take all the risk and they benefit. I never thought I supported a tax on spending but I do now. I could keep the money and keep trading. The wash rule is a total joke as well. It may work for people trying to avoid taxes but 90% of the money is made from traders that have no intent on avoiding taxes, they are just getting in a out of stocks and options. This giant check I am writing will not give me more roads, better schools, or more services. It just puts me in a class that makes me more likely for an audit in which they are going to try and get more money out of me. They can’t, my accountant made sure.