I am not a hedge fund but I trade like one (minus the billions of dollars) . I also give myself a year end bonus just like the big boys. I had taxes to pay so I wrote out the last check and looked at my balance. I returned 1000% this year but want to keep most of it in the account to trade and at the same time I need to give myself a well deserved bonus. I already bought a plasma, a few vacations, and am looking at a new car but I feel unfulfilled. I know what the New York boys feel like but on a much smaller scale. Real Estate people in New York are saying the young hedge fund guys are spending crazy cash on 15 Central Park West. You probably don’t own a place in downtown New York but 15 Central Park West is the shit. They’ve sold over $1 billion worth of real estate this year and alot of it is hedge fund money. Who cares about the real estate bubble when you get a $26 million dollar bonus. I am thinking along the same lines. I am thinking of buying an apartment above “The Cowboy Monkey” to hang out on the weekend.