Man do I love burritos. I eat 2 or 3 a week. In our little college town we have Qdoba and Chipotle. They happen to be right across the street from each other and I choose which one I go to by the line. Usually the line is out the door at Chipotle and almost out the door at Qdoba. Chipotle usually moves the line a bit faster so I almost always eat there. I preach buy what you know and leave the charts to the technical traders and I know burritos. I guess I should have said this before earnings came out for Chipotle but I didn’t think about it until I was eating my burrito and looked at the after hours movers. I have a small amount of shares in my daughter’s college account but I’ll be buying more. How many stupid charts and technicals do you have to look at when every Chipotle in every town has a line out the door and this is despite the fact that the lines are the fastest moving lines in “fast food”? I love going to the Yahoo Message Boards and reading about how the overwhelming expansion is going to cause earnings problems. So let me get this straight, every store is packed, overwhelming expansion, and good fresh food? Sounds like a recipe for disaster. I be putting my money into burritos and burrito stocks.