After my post yesterday I started thinking I better get started now. My Dad has been an avid Apple users since 1978, and I can say I knew I wanted to be in business from the first time I started playing Lemonade Stand on the Apple II. My Dad is the kind of guy that buys everything he needs and is almost impossible to buy for. The ultimate gift for my Dad would a photo or a letter from Steve to my Dad (Terry). It would make up for the thousands of socks and flannel shirts I have bought for him over the years. I made the same request for Fats Domino 10 years back and he sent a photo to my Dad before he passed (Fats that is). If anyone has an inside to Steve or can pass this on please email me. I promise this would never make it to ebay or auction but only into the office of my Father. Thanks for everyone’s help in advance. By the way his birthday is in August but I figured I better get a jump.