A new documentary is asking a lot of big questions, but one of the craziest might be ‘Will people actually watch a full-blown documentary about debt and money problems?‘ Not really on par with the excitement level of Crank, is it?

But few people realize that things like the subprime crisis, high foreclosure rates and the increasing inflation (causing more expensive groceries and gasoline) are all a result of a skewed social perception of debt in our country.

Of course it’s not entirely our fault, we’re just trying to live our friggin’ lives here, but this new documentary, I.O.U.S.A, is hoping to wake people up a bit. The brilliant overstaters at Reuters even go as far as saying:

"May be to the U.S. Economy what An Inconvenient Truth was to the environment."

And you saw how that movie totally healed the planet, DIDN’T IT?! Anyway, check out the trailer and some further analysis after the jump:

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The film has some big names behind it. First off, it is said to be created by the people who may or may not have been somehow involved with Super Size Me and Wordplay. So there ya go, right? Instant classic?

But those aren’t the real big names. Actually the big man himself, the Oracle of Omaha, the richest man in the world – Mr. Warren Buffett and another equally powerful man in the business world Peter G. Peterson, owner of the most redundant name on the planet and the illustrious Blackstone Group,  are behind it.

Those guys are both billionaires, so they obviously aren’t worried about their mortgages and credit card debts. And I doubt they are trying to make a quick buck in the documentary movie business. They are generally concerned that the American people are absolutely clueless about being in debt.

And who can blame them? Look at all those crappy cable TV advertisements for free credit reports and debt consolidation plans. You don’t really believe those things can help you, do you? Well there are plenty of people who do, and that’s definitely worth worrying about.

The movie premieres tonight, August 21st, live at 8 pm at select theaters across the country. After the premiere, Buffett and Peterson will be on hand to answer questions live via satellite. Awesome, right? Ticket prices for the event range from $11.50 to $20 (yikes! talk about debt) depending on your location. But don’t worry, the doc isn’t a "one night only" event. You can still see it during its extended release, but you won’t witness the glory of seeing Warren Buffett squirm LIVE! Glorious.

And if anyone has already seen it, please holla back and let us know what you thought.

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