There’s probably no city quite as cool as New York. Not just for the people, and the food, and the history, and the night-life. But for it’s Public Transit. The subway is quintessential Big Apple that you just can’t replicate in any other town.

And now you can take home a part of it. No, not the guy who sat next to you wearing nothing but a trench coat, smelling like KFC gravy, and elbowing you in the ribs. You can own a custom-made metro station sign, and hang it up in your place to always remind you of the greatest city in the world. Underground Signs is making exact replicas of the MTA station signs, from the metal (aluminum), to the sizes (three different ones), to the font (Helvetica since 1966). Choose from literally hundreds of actual stops, from 5th Ave to Wall Street (which would be kind of meta since this street sign would actually be hanging on a wall). None of those catching your eye? Create your own custom sign that can say anything you’d like. Sure, there’s no street named after you in NYC. But the girl over your place doesn’t need to know that. The prices are based on the size of the sign – an eight footer will cost you $400.00, while a 12” will only set you back $99. You can find out more about them here.