When the big media companies fall behind in the online world there is only one way to catch up. Buy someone out. NBC announced today they are going to buy iVillage and of course everyone knows Murdoch bought out MySpace. Traditional TV is undoubtedly threatened as we know it by the web. It is becoming a much larger source of entertainment and information. As I’ve always said , why should I wait for shows to entertain me and give me info when I can get what I want, when I want, online. TV is only good for original content now, not a rehash of what already happened. Americans now get that AS it happens. If you want eyes, you can go buy them online from companies that have already built original companies and sites. Online communities are the hot buys right now. Think about where you spend time online and the communities you spend time at and look for independents. There are a couple of good financial websites that could be bought. Motley Fool is a good one that will probably be bought by a big company. The Street is another. In my eyes two other areas of business will include big boys absorbing smaller players. Biotech and brokerages. Both need pipelines and if they can’t do it themselves they’ll just gobble up the smaller players. Stemcells are way way undervalued. Once the general public gets past this “it must be wrong” feeling, they will realize how these stem cells are going to change the world. They have already proven to help regenerate nerves in mice. It is going to take a while but trust me stem cells will change the world. Celgene has one of the best stem cell units in the world. Add that to Revlimid and you have one incredible company. Other stem cell companies will be gobbled up when these studies are finally accepted.