It’s about frickin time. I’ve been back trading options for two weeks and I had nothing to show for it but a 4K loss on NYX and a few other worthless trades. I was going to buy 20 calls of the 140’s but held off a few days because ICE was getting hit pretty hard. I ended up getting the 20 of the 135’s for the same price two days later. If you were trading today then you had to see the movement of ICE today. It’s a thing of beauty. As I was doing my homework, I realized how all the other exchanges (besides CME) pale in comparison to ICE. The low float, powerful growth, combined with the “it” style of trading it represents makes ICE a great long and hold play. I prefer the buy and hold on the options. I’ll be cashing all my profits out the day before earnings and holding the original investment. Thanks Adam and TG for the heads up.